March 7, 2012
National IAM Initiative kick-off on April 10th

iGPI, the National Initiative for Infrastructure Asset Management of urban water services will have its kick-off meeting at LNEC (Lisbon) on April 10th, 10:00-5:00pm. More details and a full program at www.iniciativagpi.org

February 8, 2012
Aware-P course in Belo Horizonte, Brasil, March 15-16

An Aware-P course on infrastructure asset management, with a strong emphasis on the Aware-P planning software, will be given at Belo Horizonte (Brazil),March 15-16. The event is promoted by LNEC and ABES, with support from IWA, and will be hosted by COPASA. Find out more in Training.

February 4, 2012
Aware-P software previewed during IWA Workshop in Yokohama, Japan

The soon-to-be-released first public beta version of the Aware-P software was previewed in a special session during the 7th IWA Workshop in Yokohama Japan on Sustainability of Infrastructure toward Customer Awareness and Satisfaction in Water Utilities (2-3 February 2012). The software was presented by Helena Alegre in a plenary session, and generated much interested among the aproximately 200 delegates present in the room.

January 5, 2012
Aware-P tested by two utilities in Spain
In the scope of an infrastructural asset management program promoted by ITA - Instituto del Água (Valencia) and Univ. San Sebastian, the Aware-P methodology and software are the basis for the development of IAM plans involving water supply and wastewater pilots at the FACSA (Castellon) and Udal Sareak (Bilbao Vizcaya) groups of utilities. The program is supported by LNEC (Portugal) and is expected to run until mid-2012.
October 8, 2011
Strong showing in IAM Initiative proposal kick-off meeting

A first open meeting presenting iGPI, the National Initiative for Infrastructure Asset Management of urban water services took place at LNEC (Lisbon) on October 7th, 2:30-4:00pm. Over 100 technical managers, asset managers, planners and consultants turned up to hear about and discuss LNEC's proposed collective partnership programme to assist water utilities in developing their asset management plans.

This capacity-building formula has been successfully used by LNEC in the last decade, where a number of utilities receive training and technical guidance under a common, tiered project framework with bi- or tri-monthly result presentation. The networking effect is usually a major plus, and cost-sharing among participating utilities helps make this type of programme accessible to a wider audience. The programme is promoted by a consortium of LNEC with IST and Addition (all 3 are Aware-P partners), and is expected to start in April 2012 with up to 15 utilities, for a total duration of 17 months.

September 30, 2011
LESAM 2011 AWARE-P software presentation

The software was shown in a live demonstration highlighting:

  • the Aware-P planning workflow and the relationship between the tools;
  • data management;
  • the existing toolbox modules (performance indices, performance indicators, component importance, etc.);
  • full featured Epanet network simulation and result viewing;
  • advanced charting and network visualization;
  • scalable web technology deployable on the cloud, on your server or on your laptop (mac, windows, linux, ipad, tablet, etc.).

> To find out more, download the Aware-P software presentation at LESAM 2011 (pdf, 6Mb) <

Also announced was the availability of the software from the end of 2011, on the upcoming baseform.org open-source platform.

September 26, 2011
Off to Mülheim an der Ruhr...

The Aware team will be on LESAM 2011 presenting some of the outputs of this project.

Here is a sneak peek of what will be shown by the software team on Thursday.

September 23, 2011
A launchpad for the AWARE-P Epanet Java port
The AWARE-P project announces a full port of the Epanet modeling library to Java, as a basis for our software platform's network analysis capabilities. This is a complete rewrite of the C language code to a portable, modern and extensible Java library that is hardware- and operating system-independent. The port is a full Epanet engine implementation, including the regular hydraulic and water quality simulation and fully integrating the MSX multi-species extension library.

As a by-product of a wider open-source effort, this code will be managed as open-source. As well as the library, a launchpad is now released for download, allowing you to see this new library in action:


  • Run hydraulic, quality and MSX simulations at full speed in Windows, Mac, Linux or any other Java-supported platform.
  • Export network models as regular .INP, as XML or as MS-Excel© files.
  • Edit the network and parameters in MS-Excel© and import back again into the launchpad (then save as .INP, if you wish).
  • Output detailed step-by-step, node-by-node, pipe-by-pipe simulation results in 15-digit precision MS-Excel© files.
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This software effort was only feasible given the outstanding work done at USEPA, namely by Dr. Lewis Rossman whom we strongly thank for Epanet itself and for his availability and time in discussing this port. 

September 15, 2011
AWARE-P software preview at LESAM 2011
Currently undergoing alpha testing, the AWARE-P IAM planning software will be the subject of a presentation at the LESAM 2011 leading-edge conference in Mulheim (Germany), Sep. 27-30 (see earlier post).

The software makes available on a leading-edge technology platform advanced tools for visualizing, diagnosing and evaluating a water supply, wastewater or stormwater system, through a portfolio of performance, risk and cost models, enabling the user to compare a system with any number of alternative solutions or proposed changes using standardized methods that facilitate choice and decision-making. The software is web-based, open-source and will be freely distributed. This will be a great opportunity for the development team to discuss the concepts that drove the design of the planning software and of the open-source platform that was built to support its development. Look out for us in Session 7 (09:00-11:00am), Thursday Sep.29.

September 11, 2011
IAM Initiative proposal kick-off meeting, Oct 7th
A first open meeting for the water industry will present and discuss with asset managers and strategic planners LNEC's proposed collective partnership programme to assist water utilities in developing their asset management plans. This capacity-building formula has been successfully used by LNEC in the last decade, where a number of utilities receive training and technical guidance under a common, tiered project framework with bi- or tri-monthly result presentation, for a total project duration of 6 to 18 months. The networking effect is usually a major plus, and cost-sharing among participating utilities helps make this type of programme accessible to a wider audience.

LNEC would like to discuss and listen to prospective participants' needs and expectations, in order to put together a useful programme that may maximise user experience and effective knowledge transfer. The programme is expected to start during the first half of 2012. This exploratory meeting is open to all interested parties, and will take place at LNEC (Lisbon), October 7, 2:30-4:00pm. Enquiries through João Paulo Leitão at 218 443 773 or 

September 1, 2011
Strong AWARE-P presence at LESAM 2011
LESAM 2011, the fourth edition of the International Water Association's (IWA) Leading-Edge conference on Strategic Asset Management of water and wastewater infrastructures, will take place in Mulheim An Der Ruhr (Germany), Sep. 27-30. This is one of the world's prime SAM-dedicated events, where utilities, consultants, regulators, researchers and asset managers identify and discuss the main challenges, new solutions, and trends in strategic asset management.

The AWARE-P project will be represented at LESAM through several oral and poster presentations (see the abstracts at the downloads page), including methods, case study reports, business case applications, and software. More details about LESAM's programme at http://www.lesam2011.org/

May 11, 2011
Kick-off for the TRUST project
The EU 7F-P funded project TRUST - Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow, with 31 R&D and industry partners from 11 countries, including several SMEs, had its kick-off meeting in Mulheim An Der Ruhr (Germany), May 10-11. Over a period of 4 years, the project will deliver research-driven innovations in governance, modelling concepts, technologies, decision support tools, and novel approaches to integrated water, energy, and infrastructure asset management.

A significant part of the project is the continued development of methods and tools that continue the AWARE-P effort, namely through TRUST's Work Area 5. This will lead to improvement and extension of the current tools and software, and will thus grant continued investment in the AWARE-P effortMore information about TRUST at www.trust-i.net

April 2, 2011
High attendance for AWARE-P training courses
The first 5 AWARE-P seminars and training courses on infrastructure asset management of water services, in Lisbon, Faro, Évora, Coimbra and Porto, were met with high demand and very encouraging audience numbers. The seminars had a combined attendance of over 700 water professionals, while the courses (limited to 40 participants each), reached the full combined capacity of 200.

Active participation and positive feedback from delegates have contributed to significant improvement of the usability of the methodologies presented, as well as paving the way to further initiatives under AWARE-P.

Practical session during the AWARE-P course in Porto, March 31, 2011

January 17, 2011
AWARE-P best practice IAM handbooks
Two handbooks of best practice on infrastructure asset management (IAM) of water services – respectively for water and wastewater – developed under the AWARE-P project, have been published through ERSAR, the water and waste services regulator of Portugal.

These handbooks, available for free download, will assist water utilities in defining objectives, performing diagnoses, setting up priorities, comparing alternatives and selecting improvement solutions. Both manuals are based on the AWARE-P integrated IAM methodology, which aims to develop and implement in water utilities a structured procedure for strategic infrastructures asset management. They are targeted at raising awareness, changing current practice and improving the technical know-how of the utilities' human resources. As a strategic sector of great social and economic relevance, it is vital that it is managed in a more rational and efficient way than at present. Without an advanced asset management, it will not be feasible to assure adequate levels of the service in the future, particularly with regard to reliable high quality drinking water supply, use of natural resources and prevention of pollution and flooding of urban environments. 

The handbooks are freely available from the ERSAR website (www.ersar.pt) or by using the direct links below:

Alegre, H., Covas, D. (2010). Infrastructure Asset Management of Water Services. Guia Técnico 16, ERSAR Série Guias Técnicos, Lisboa. ISBN 978‐989‐8360‐04‐5 (in Portuguese). 

Almeida, M.C., Cardoso, M.A. (2010). Infrastructure Asset Management of Wastewater and Stormwater Services. Guia Técnico 17, ERSAR Série Guias Técnicos, Lisboa. ISBN 978‐989‐8360‐05‐2 (in Portuguese). 

January 3, 2011
AWARE-P training courses: Infrastructure Asset Management for Water Services - Lisboa, Faro, Évora, Coimbra, Porto (PT)
The AWARE-P training courses on infrastructure asset management (IAM) of water services combine two goals: to introduce the topic to members of the water industry and technical communities, in particular management and graduate technical staff of water utilities; and to offer a more detailed training to those in charge of planning and implementing IAM systems.

The first day of the 4-day training course is simultaneously an open introductory seminar and the first module of the technical course. The remaining 3 days combine lectures with case studies and hands-on groupwork for an in-depth review of IAM techniques.The courses are based on the best-practise manuals as well as on the methodologies developed during the AWARE-P project. Participants may enroll for the full course, or for the seminar only. The full set of course materials can be found here.

The courses are taught in Portuguese, and will be held at the following locations/ dates:

    Lisbon: Seminar, Jan 19; Course, Jan 19-20 and 27-28

    Faro: Seminar, Feb 01; Course, Feb 01-02 and 08-09

    Évora: Seminar, Feb 03; Course, Feb 03-04 and 10-11

    Coimbra: Seminar, Mar 22; Course, Mar 22-23 and 29-30

    Porto: Seminar, Mar 24; Course, Mar 24-25 and Mar 31-Apr 01

Please refer to the program and leaflet (both in Portuguese) for details.