iGPI / PGPI: large scale rollout & capacitation

iGPI (April 2012 - October 2013) was the first large-scale rollout & capacitation stage of AWARE-P: a collaborative program where 19 water service utilities across Portugal develop strategic and tactical IAM plans with intensive use the AWARE-P methodology and software. iGPI was launched to help broaden the impact of the methodologies and tools, and to reach out to utilities nationwide in a significant way.

iGPI had a sister project, PGPI, led by AWARE-P partner AGS, following the exact same calendar, program and method, which involved a further 11 utilities from within AGS's group of utilities.

iGPI was led and coordinated by LNEC, who ensured training and technical development support to the participating utilities together with IST (Technical University of Lisbon) and Addition. The initiative utilized a collaborative format pioneered by LNEC in the last decade, aimed at assisting a representative sample of utilities of diverse size and context develop their own IAM systems and plans through a joint training and capacitation program. The project is not only an intensive user of the AWARE-P software and methodologies, in a multi-stakeholder setup that tests its collaborative and technical qualities in everyday professional environments; but it also contributed to its range of open-source tools and capabilities. The water utilities that took part in the iGPI project range in population served from approximately 390,000 to 3,000, with a large diversity of scope (water, wastewater, storm water), institutional framework (e.g., municipal, inter-municipal, concession) and IT maturity.

With WERF and GHD, testing AWARE-P in a US utility

Under the sponsorship of the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), a project that brings together GHD (USA), LNEC and Addition (Portugal), in order to both test the current AWARE-P methodology and portfolio of tools in the US water utility context, and to develop new tools to specifically address the analysis of wastewater network failure risks. The program also aims to provide integration of the AWARE-P IAM methods with WERF's SIMPLE framework.

The project includes a thorough test of the AWARE-P methods and software at Gwinnett County (GA) Department of Water Resources, a water, wastewater, stormwater and reused water utility serving over 900,000 in the Greater Atlanta area. Development of the new modules greatly benefit from Gwinnett County's experienced and forward-thinking AM team.