AWARE-P is an innovative infrastructure asset management (IAM) planning methodology supported by technical guides, plan templates, training courses, business cases, sci & tech publications and the AWARE-P open-source software.

Inheriting from a long line of European R&D, development of these tools began during the AWARE-P project (see below), a comprehensive R&D program aimed at providing water and wastewater utilities with the know-how and tools needed for sustainable long-term planning in infrastructure asset management (IAM) of urban water services.

The R&D stage (2009-2012) was followed by a rollout & capacitation stage (2012-2013) through twin national-level initiatives: iGPI, coordinated by LNEC; and its sister program PGPI, coordinated by AWARE-P partner AGS. Running in parallel and following the exact same collaborative program, they aimed at assisting a nationwide representative sample of 30 utilities in the development of their own IAM systems, using the AWARE-P methodology, software and training materials. iGPI and PGPI both have new planned editions starting 2014.

AWARE-P research, development and use continues to expand also at the international level, through pilot projects in Spain at FACSA and Udal Sareak, the EU-FP7-sponsored TRUST project, a WERF-sponsored project in the USA, and new R&D led by LNEC and several of the original partners.

The AWARE-P project is described below. For more details on iGPI, PGPI, the international projects and ongoing R&D, see Rollout & pilot projects.

The AWARE-P project

Photo taken May 31, 2011

Project summary

The objective of AWARE-P was to develop and implement in water utilities a structured procedure for infrastructure asset management (IAM). Based on previous and newly developed R&D, the project and its sequels produced and continue to improve and augment a list of freely-available products that include:

  • best practice IAM manuals;
  • a professional grade, open-source software for planning and decision support;
  • pilot studies / business cases;
  • training courses (including e-learning materials;
  • technical and scientific papers and reports. 

The R&D project (2009-2012) and its rollout sequels iGPI/pGPI (2012-2013) aimed at providing water utilities with the know-how and the tools needed for efficient decision-making. Other objectives included the incorporation within the industry of structured and technically sound approaches to system rehabilitation planning; the dissemination of structured IAM decision-making concepts among technical and political decision-makers; and the promotion of adequate staff training. 

Among the project's expected benefits are:

  • Improved framework for infrastructure asset management.of urban water services
  • Freely available tools and documentation for all stakeholders of urban water services
  • More sustainable IAM approaches and solutions
  • Better trained human resources 

Background: previous R&D projects

The CARE-W (Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Water Networks, 2001-2004) and CARE-S (Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Sewer Networks, 2002-2005) research projects, developed under the EU's 5th Framework-Program and with significant contributions from AWARE-P partners Sintef (Norway) and LNEC (Portugal), produced methodologies and computer prototype applications for assisting water and wastewater utilities in planning rehabilitation interventions.

These projects were fundamental stepping stones in the establishment of structured approaches and their implementation into dedicated instruments. However, the resulting software prototypes, while fully functional, still needed some computational development before they can be widely used in the water industry.

AWARE-P is a direct successor of those two efforts, trying from the outset to reach the industry and society with useable, effective products that can make a difference in capacity building and support to the planning process.

Coordination & Team

Sergio T Coelho (LNEC) is the AWARE-P Project Manager since October 2009. The project's initiator and its scientific coordinator is Helena Alegre (LNEC). Software development is led by Diogo Vitorino (Addition).

Aware-P relies on a cross-disciplinary core team from LNEC (Portugal), IST (Portugal), Addition (Portugal), Sintef (Norway) and Ydreams (Portugal), with support from the Portuguese water services regulator ERSAR and the end-user partners. The following team members have contributed to the project so far:

Adriana Cardoso, André Martins, António Monteiro, Dália Loureiro, Didia Covas, Diogo Vitorino, Helena Alegre, João Paulo Leitão, Kjersti Holte, Luís Loureiro, Maria do Céu Almeida, Maria Santos Silva, Monica Pedro, Nelson Carriço, Pedro Rufino, Rita Ugarelli, Rodrigo Borba, Sergio T Coelho, Sigurd Hafskjold, Sveinung Saegrov, Tiago Henrique.

The Aware-P end-user partners are an integral part of the development effort. The teams from AdP, AGS, SMAS de Oeiras-Amadora and Veolia Mafra are permanent and productive contributors to all aspects of the project, under the leadership of Luís Mamouros, João Feliciano, Julieta Marques and Rui Rua/ Pedro Pereira, respectively.

Aware-P has also been extremely fortunate to count on the experience and extensive knowledge of Annie Vanrenterghem Raven, a foremost international expert in the field of IAM and a long-time team advisor since the Care-W/Care-S projects.

Project partners
The project structure includes R&D and technological partners, the regulator and several end-user partners, in very close collaboration.

A technical and scientific partnership has been established between the National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC), the Technical University of Lisbon (IST), the Water and Waste Services Regulator (ERSAR), the ADDITION and YDREAMS software houses and the Norwegian Building and Infrastructure institute (SINTEF). LNEC, IST and SINTEF, as R&D institutions, are responsible for the technical and scientific components of the project. ERSAR provides close support and critical assessment as well as ensures dissemination and promotes the use of project results in Portugal, given their structural regulatory role for the Portuguese water industry. ADDITION is responsible for coding and production of a robust, user-friendly and ready for professional use software. YDREAMS is responsible for the development of e-learning and dissemination materials, and support to technology and knowledge transfer of the project's outcomes.

The end user partners - SMAS de Oeiras e Amadora, AGS group, AdP Serviços and Veolia Agua - take on a very active role in the development and testing of the project's deliverables from the very beginning of the project, and will ensure demonstration case studies with diverse characteristics and geographical locations, developing their own rehabilitation plans based on the methodologies and software developed. They constitute a permanent advisory board to the project, and are project co-sponsors.

R&D partners

LNEC - National Civil Engineering Laboratory, Portugal

LNEC is the largest Portuguese institute in the field of civil engineering and related environmental areas. Its activities include applied R&D as well as specialised consultancy and general support to the industry. LNEC’s Urban Water Division addresses water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems. www.lnec.pt

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Norway

The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia.  SINTEF's goal is to contribute to wealth creation and to the sound and sustainable development of society. The division of Building and Infrastructure includes the Department of Water and Environment, which deals with research activities for in the areas water supply, stormwater and wastewater. http://www.sintef.com

IST - Instituto Superior Técnico (Technical University of Lisbon), Portugal

IST is the most distinguished Portuguese engineering school and part of the Technical University of Lisbon; it combines higher education of outstanding quality in the areas of Engineering, Science & Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Engineering and Architecture Department develops activities in the field of water and environment. www.ist.utl.pt

Addition, Portugal

Addition is a company targeted on systems analysis, web site design and hosting, software deveploment and support of computer infrastructures. Addition is focused on Internet technologies and mobile computing since 1998. http://www.addition.pt/

Ydreams, Portugal

Ydreams is dedicated to the production, development and commercialization of products and services in the areas of mobile applications, gaming, image processing, virtual reality, location based services, interactive applications and related areas, developing work in four different areas: advertising, education, entertainment and environment & quality of living. www.ydreams.com

The regulator

ERSAR - Water and Waste Services Regulator, Portugal

ERSAR is the national regulator of water and solid waste services in Portugal and has the mission of protecting user interests by promoting the quality of the service provided by the operators and assuring the balance of the ruling tariffs, as based on the essentiality, indispensability, equity, feasibility and cost-effectiveness principles, and associated to the quality of service. http://www.ersar.pt/website/

End-user partners

Veolia Águas de Mafra

A private operator, Águas de Mafra is a Veolia Water subsidiary whose main activity is the development of activities in the water business, namely, studies & consulting services and exploitation & management of water and waste water services for both the municipal and the industrial sectors. www.veoliaagua.com.pt

SMAS Oeiras & Amadora

A public utility responsible for the provision and water supply, reception and drainage of domestic wastewater and construction of reservoirs and water stations, construction, enlargement and maintenance of water networks and wastewater networks, for the municipalities of Oeiras and Amadora, in the Greater Lisbon region. www.smas-oeiras-amadora.pt

AdP Serviços, S.A.

A public holding responsible for the ADP group's shared services, and including the companies that operate in support and complementary areas. Its mission is to provide services to all of the companies and business units in the group, by facilitating the creation of scale economies, providing technologically  advanced  solutions, incorporating good management practice and guaranteeing the pursuit of the ADP group’s corporate aims. www.adp.pt

AGS - Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, S.A.

A private holding dedicated to the management, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructures, in a regime of concession, public-private or service provider. www.ags.pt


The Aware-P project is funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (Contract No. PT 0043), by ERSAR - Water and Waste Services Regulator (Portugal), and by the project's end-user partners: AdP Serviços S.A, AGS S.A., SMAS Oeiras & Amadora and Veolia Águas de Mafra.


For information on the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area:

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