April 22, 2014

In early 2012, the AWARE-P software was publicly released through baseform.org's TryAware Beta program, thus giving free access to the IAM and planning tools developed under the project with the same name.

With more than 1000 users around the world, the software has had significant acceptance in dozens of industry and R&D professionals and organizations, who have tested it and used it on their IAM projects, contributing with bug reports, ideas and suggestions.
The release of version 1.0 of the software will soon be announced, now reaching professional-level maturity. The software currently available under Beta programs (tryaware and baseform demo) will also be updated, changing its name to "Baseform Trial". Baseform Trial will be targeted at testing software features and will no store users private data over time.
The current TryAware users' data files will not be automatically carried over to the new version. At this point, all current users of TryAware are kindly asked to backup any data that you may care about, using the backup functionality available in the software, through which you can download the files to your computer. These files will be compatible with the new versions of the software.