June 27, 2014

As reported on Mar 17, the AWARE-P project and its roll-out stages iGPI and PGPI have been recognized by the International Water Association (IWA) with the 2014 Project Innovation Award (Europe & West Asia region) in the Planning category. IWA's Project Innovation Awards (PIA) are a prestigious global competition which recognises and celebrates innovation and excellence in water engineering projects around the world.

Sergio Coelho and Rafaela Matos of LNEC were in the PIA Awards ceremony on June 26th to collect the trophy, in a high visibility event in Brussels, Belgium during the Water Innovation Europe Conference 2014 (25 to 26 June 2014) at the Brussels Diamant Conference Center, promoted jointly by IWA and the European Water Supply and Sanitation technology Platform (WssTP - Water Innovation Europe).