September 8, 2014
The upcoming release of version 1.0 of the AWARE-P software, now reaching professional-level maturity, will include a freely downloadable, single-user version for use on personal computers, and a new, full-featured online trial. All will comprise updated versions of the open-source modules previously available through the online TryAware Beta program.

With more than 1000 users around the world, the software has had significant acceptance in dozens of industry and R&D professionals and organizations, who have tested it and used it on their IAM projects, contributing with bug reports, ideas and suggestions.

Although the current users' registration credentials will remain valid in the coming public-access versions, all TryAware users are at this point kindly reminded to backup any data that they may wish to retain, which may be residing on their accounts in the soon-to-be-closed TryAware Beta program.